„It was almost like Christmas“

Those were moving moments that we – Birgit and Detlef Voelz – were happy to experience at our orphan… more.

Pictures speak louder than words - and videos are the best to capture the mood …more.

All our friends and business partners, whom we have told about our orphanage project “Team for Children”, in words and in pictures, are impressed by our initiative. …more.

Welcome to Team for Children!

For more than 12 years now, we, Birgit and Detlef Voelz, have been doing business with Myanmar (former Burma). In former times strongly regulated by military and political restrictions, the country has now slowly freed itself from the firm grip. The Burmese people have won our heart through their lovely character and their friendly nature.

We were happy to witness this peaceful change directly. Soon we asked ourselves “What could we do to contribute to a stable development in this. We wanted to do something and the idea of an orphanage was born. Thanks to our good friend and business partner in Myanmar, Mr. Naymyo Kho, and his good knowledge of the local conditions our idea of “Team for Children” was realized within a short time.

Since the opening of the orphanage in summer 2012 we have been travelling to Myanmar twice a year to see our children. And every time we return much happier and more enthusiastic because we have noticed: Something new and wonderful has happened again. More boys and girls have found their home in the orphanage, own food is growing in the vegetable garden and even a cow and her calf enrich the property as new members of the family. Twice every year we take with us the donations in cash and in kind. Again and again we are happy to be able to watch the constant progress in the positive development of the children.

All of these small but pleasant developments we regularly report about in words and in pictures. And we are happy to share our impressions with you on this website. Please take a look around – perhaps we can win your support as well… ?

Yours sincerely,

Birgit and Detlef Voelz

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